Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sikulu & Harambe Book

Hey parents out there so I wanted to let you know about a fabulous book I came across. The name of it is Sikulu and Harambe. This book helps to teach your children about helping and what can happen if you do not help. The book is considered the African version of the Good Samaritan story.

In the book Sikulu and Harambe they have many languages featured in it. Also the book gives you the proper way to enunciate the words. I love that they do that because, then I am not saying the words wrong. I like how the artist Bruce McCorkindale created fun whimsy animals and my kiwi loved looking at them as well. My daughter has become a big helper since we read this because I told her that helping makes it easier for others. She now loves helping me with small easy tasks she can complete.

I would suggest the book Sikulu and Harambe to any parent trying to teach their children how helping can change the world. In Sikulu and Harambe I have learned that one small act can make a big difference. So if you want to make a difference in your child's life, buy this book with great morals for them to learn. Head over to Sikulu and Harambe to get your copy today!

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