Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flu Advice Needed From All Parents

Finally our family is feeling better after a long time being sick with the flu. Yikes who would have known it could be that bad! I had to miss three days of work and yes I must admit you know how you get that sick feeling in your stomach on your arrival back to work yeah well I have that. You always know that someone you work with it not understanding and of course everyone has their opinions. I will say I am truly excited to get back to work. It has been long enough to be away from work. I am ready to go back to telling people what to do haha lol no I am not. Yet hey that's my job. Management gotta love it. So I must ask my readers what was your diet to cure the flu lol. I did the bread, rice and applesauce diet. Yet that didn't work until the third day. By that day I was in the doctor's office and them saying hmm I think you are dehydrated. Then they said they might have to hook me up to an IV ughhh I fear needles. So I have to ask for future reference so I never make it to that point. ADVICE NEEDED PARENTS :)

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