Monday, January 26, 2009

BumbleRide Stroller Giveaway

I Never Grew Up has been so excited to unveil this giveaway. This is an unbelievably HUGE prize to win for one of her readers!

I Never Grew Up has owned the Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller for well over a year and she is so incredibly impressed with it. She has two girls that are less than a year and a half apart makes it hard to go or do anything and but the Bumbleride stroller has been a lifesaver.

I Never Grew Up's husband was in awe that it did not “drive” and “feel” like you are pushing a stroller. It is so smooth, takes turns so well and will not interrupt any sleeping babies it carries! You can even use it as a jogging stroller but it does not push like the other jogging strollers out there.

What I Never Grew Up loves the most about this stroller is how you can adjust the backrests, canopies, bumper bars and infant seat adaptors independently. Also you can custom the side by side stroller to both of your kids!

I Never Grew Up feels that her girls are safe and secure in this stroller because of it’s five point adjustable safety harness and infant headrest & shoulder pads.

I Never Grew Up also cannot get enough of how much room it has in the back for all of their “expeditions” or mall trips they go on!I Never Grew Up loves the cup holder and all of it’s accessories.
Bumbleride is a fantastic company with amazing customer service, I Never Grew Up has been more than impressed with the level of customer service they offer her.I Never Grew Up never of thought she would call a stroller beautiful, but do you not agree? This is a pretty classy looking stroller.

Would YOU like the chance to win this giveaway?

To have the chance to win the Indie Bumbleride Stroller in the color Spice (pictured above), Please follow these instructions EXACTLY:

-Comment on this post I Never Grew Up ONCE with an item that you love in the Bumbleridewebsite.

-For 10 ADDITIONAL ENTRIES into this fabulous giveaway all you have to do is blog about this giveaway!

This Giveaway ends ends January 30Th at 7pm (MST)

Good Luck EVERYONE!!! :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It is offical I am going to stick with blogger! :) As soon as the two giveaways end you can now find me here!!!!!! YES. I look forward to coming back to blogger.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Advice Please

Ok so I thought that a website would be perfect it has so many functions like added pages and so on. I decided to create a web page LittleKiwi.Net but as I continue to look back and forth blogger has so many great things I can't get on the page. I would like opinions. I love my blogger NOW it's eye appealing versus the web. Confusion lol.


I wanted to let you know I will be posting information about my blog giveaways here and on You can only enter by going to I will let you in on a bonus while entering my giveaways. You can follow this blog and gain one additional entry.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am glad to share with my readers another great giveaway. WarmandFuzzyBaby has generously given one of Little Kiwi's readers a chance to win a crown. WarmandFuzzyBaby has created so many cute and fun products. You can also buy the some of the patterns of the featured products in their store.

A little information about the creator of WarmandFuzzyBaby. A stay at home mother that shows her passion for crafting in her work. She has learned many of her crafting techniques by her mom in her early childhood. She loves and appreciates everything handmade so she buys handmade products quite often.

Now onto the prize! You are entering in to win a cute yellow crown. You can use it on newborns and WarmandFuzzyBaby has also used it on a five year old. Your child will absolutely love playing dress up with the crown.

Wanna know how to win? Here is how:

1) Get one entry for going over to WarmandFuzzyBaby and going to Little Kiwi Giveaway and telling Little Kiwi what you love in the shop and why.

2) Get an additional two entries for subscribing to the Little Kiwi Blog

3) Get five additional entries for purchasing something in WarmandFuzzyBaby shop!

For the additional entries please make additional comments on Little Kiwi Giveaway so your entries will not be missed!

I wish you all good luck :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kitchen Witch Review and Giveaway

I recently received some really great treats from Kitchen Witch. I love so many of her products. It is practical for the everyday mother. You want to give you children treats and bake for them but now a days it's hard finding time in that busy schedule. I love that Casey the creator of Kitchen Witch has made it easy for us parents to create great treats that makes it seem like we have been baking for hours.

Right now with Valentine's Day nearing Kitchen Witch have created heart shaped brownies. I had a chance to sample them, they are really rich and really soft. She also tried the marshmallows and boy they were fabulous. My favorite treat of them all were the chocolate chip cookies. The texture and flavor of the cookies are undescribeable. I never had a cookie taste like that and I am being 100% honest. They were my absolute favorite cookie I have had so far.Sorry mom her cookies beat yours hands down.

The reason Kitchen Witch products are so good for you is because there are no hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and items that are artifical put into her products. So if you want to give into the sweet tooth and give it something better than the box cookies head over to Kitchen Witch which takes less time and tastes better!

*******ADDED BONUS********

The Kitchen Witch is giving one of Little Kiwi's
readers a chance to win a dozen of the world's most fabulous cookies.

Wanna know how to win? Here is how:
Enter by January 26th 2009 by Midnight

1) Get one entry for going over to Kitchen Witch and going back to >Little Kiwi Giveaway and say what you love in the shop and why.

2) Get an additional two entries for subscribing to the Little Kiwi Blog

3) Get five additional entries for purchasing something in Kitchen Witch shop!

For the additional entries please make additional comments to >Little Kiwi Giveaway so your entries will not be missed!

I wish you all good luck :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I was so happy when I got to my mailbox and found a box of soaps from Britewerkz Bubbles for my husband to try. So here is the truth he hesitated at first because of the look of the bar. I guess he is used to the typical boring simple white bar of soap. Ahh the power of a woman lol. He took the bar and used it and of course me being me I asked him a million and one questions.

Here are the stats on the Britewerkz Bubbles soap. His skin was oh my goodness really soft. Sometimes when you use the typical bar soap it tends to dry your skin out but this soap did not do that. I also love the scents that Britewerkz Bubbles put into their soaps. I love that they have created a bunch of scents that truly reflect a man's taste. My favorite scent as well as my husbands is difter.

After testing Britewerkz Bubbles out I was curious what was in the soap. Well let's just say it's great to know what is in the soap. I mean you look at that typical bar of soap and half of the stuff that is in it I have no idea what it is. I love that they put shea butter and coconut oil in their products. The reason I love shea butter is because anything with shea butter leaves the skin super silky and right now with the bad weather hitting us in Wisconsin it's FABULOUS! I also love that they put coconut oil in the soap it's that extra added scent that leaves the skin smooth as well. Plus one last bonus cocoa butter every mommy knows the importance of cocoa butter :)

My husband has tried the Britewerkz Bubbles soaps and we were so thrilled that we had a few other samples and we passed them on. My father in-law and my brother in-laws can't stop raving on how great the Britewerkz Bubbles soap is. Thanks for introducing my family to wonderful men soaps and ladies soap by Britewerkz Bubbles is the best for that special man in your life.