Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Princess Is Three

So I had to work all weekend so I must say sorry to my readers for not posting. I am so sad Friday was Kiwi's third birthday. Wow that time has gone way too fast. I am currently having empty newborn baby nest syndrome lol. Yet that won't last for long :) I also found out on my Kiwi's birthday that my brother is expecting with his girlfriend. Yay another baby!

As I look through the years I see so many changes in my Kiwi, she was practically bald till she was one and a half lol. Then when she did finally get hair, she had these little curls at the ends :) Also she is grew really tall for her age. Probably gets that from her dad because she did not get it from me. I am a whole five feet tall.

So join me through these three pictures of my daughter getting older. I will always remember her as my little baby and she will never be different in my eyes.

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Maria said...

Congratulations, Marissa! Your daughter is just adorable! I wish you and your little princess all the best in life! Now, when she is 3, you have so much funny and memorable things happening ahead. Love the pictures. She is one little cutie!