Monday, April 2, 2012


I love finding amazing products on Esty because everything on there is created by someone locally. I love supporting local artists and when I want something that was thoughtfully created instead of gifts found in department stores I look on Esty. So my friend Jen is expecting a baby in August so I wanted to find some awesome koala bear items and these products I found I want to share with you all.

My first find was this really cute koala nursery wall art created by Ali Cushman. Please feel free to click her name and learn all about this talented artist. In her store Grizzy Bear Greetings you will find this super cute wall art of the koalas in the fire engine.

Nursery Wall Art - Koalas in a Fire Engine Children's Bedroom Print

My next amazing find is created by a company that goes by the name of Little Lion Studio. So do you want to create a look on your wall that does not take a lot of work and will not harm your paint please look at Little Lion Studio where you can find decals and wall art to create that one of a kind nursery. I did my search in the store and I found this product that I fell in love with!!!

Tree Wall Decal Koala Tree Extra Large

What would a nursery be without a mobile? Well I found this artist named Hing who creates whimsical mobiles that can be custom made to the colors of your nursery. How many times have you walked into the store and you feel in love with a product but the color wasn't just right? Let Hing help you pick out the right colors for you and your nursery. You can find all of her fun mobiles in HingMade, HandMade! My favorite product that goes in with the theme of Jen's Nursery is the Nursery Mobile - Baby Crib Mobile - Koala Mobile - Neutral Mobile - Australian Turquoise Koala theme.

Nursery Mobile - Baby Crib Mobile - Koala Mobile - Neutral Mobile - Australian Turquoise Koala theme (Custom order available)

These are my latest finds if you have any fun products you think I should check out keep me posted :)

Keeping it a secret :)

I had the chance to find out the sex of the baby and I wish I could share it with everyone but right now we are keeping it a secret. Let's just say I WON!!!!! Mom lost :) The other coach said, "My goodness Marissa why is it that you know before the rest of us?" I have the best intuition I guess! :)

The theme for the little bundle of joy is koala bears and it is difficult figuring out baby shower things. I have decided on getting bamboo plates to go with the theme because there are no plates that have a cartoon looking koala bear on it. I have seen the jungle theme but we only want koalas. If you know any place that has these please keep me informed.

I am fortunate enough to have such crafty friends and family that have given me loads of ideas for this shower. Also every baby shower has games and many of them are getting old now to me. Any suggestions on any odd ones you have played that would be great for the upcoming party I am co-hosting?

I will have to show you the readers all the fun ideas that are floating in this head once I get it going. Also I want to give a prior thank you to all the people that are helping with making this happen. My family may not like me after I get help on some of these crafty projects lol. Wish me best of luck :)