Monday, November 23, 2009

Toy Wrangler

I love this product that I am featuring! The Toy Wrangler has been a life saver while shopping in the store. We as parents love how our kids get feisty and want to throw their cups and bottles to the ground. This lovely little gadget the Toy Wrangler is fun for the little ones to play with solves the problem of phobia over nasty floors. Also parents I have to ask how many times have you tried to squeeze underneath a table to grab a toy or a bottle? Bending all crazy trying to grab stuff from the floor is not fun!

The Toy Wranglerproduct was created because the creator had to keep getting toys from the floor. She used her crafty mind to create this fun product. She realized that she could use the Toy Wrangler for multiple uses. She used it for toys, pacifiers and bottles and I personally know it is great! She wanted product that was safe, easy for the child to get their toys, pacifiers, bottles and cups by themselves. PARENTS EXTRA BONUS**** this product is machine washable. Also as a respectable company they did decided to test their products with one of the leading safety testing labs. As well as having the plastic rings tested as a food grade plastic.

So parents stop worrying about gross floors in restaurants and things hitting them. You will never have to deal with that issue again. Enjoy a relaxing time shopping and eating with out the hassle of bending over all crazy. Grab your Toy Wrangler before you leave the house and be sure to grab the second one for your friend as well.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hey readers so this week has been a very interesting week. I have been busy with life and wow I didn't realize how long it has been since I have been on here. So life is good. The Kiwi monster is turning four in life goes by fast. I never believed many when they would say cherish the moments because they grow up fast. I would laugh and well now I have come to realize man they weren't lying. I wanted to let my readers know that I will be having someone join my blog to write about their parenting experiences with you as well. My best friend Jen will start letting you into her life as well and the crazy moments of parenting. The last few posts were about the Kiwi and potty training. Sorry I didn't inform you guys but yay she is fully potty trained! :) Huge smiles across the board. Thank you for the readers that showed concern to my last post. I love knowing that people care and hope for the best to others. So as I am hitting the scene again what would you readers like to read about? Are you facing issues that you want advice about? Are you in search of a great organic product website? we get back crafty? Keep me posted on what it is you want! Lookiing forward to learn about the latest news in your life.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hey Readers

So as many of you have seen I have been on here and there. I honestly apologize to my daily readers. Many life changes happening and many issues I am currently facing. I must thank the man above for granting my wish that my sister did not have tumors on her brain. We as a family have been waiting for answers so now that all is clear and all is well I will begin again. The only news I have now is that I have to learn sign language. So mothers out that have a child with hearing disabilities I could really use advice at this time. I am going to have to relearn some sign language. I used to know basics because my old friend is deaf. All the challenges of the changes begin to surface I will need the greatest and best advice from anyone that is facing such issues currently or had ever faced the issue. I must let everyone know I will be back in action now that I can focus more time into my blog. I will begin posting everyday from here on out. So please look forward to updates on my latest challenge of sign language and being a mother to the world's greatest little lady.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey moms today is our day so be proud of that title because we had to go through a lot to get it. So today take a moment and enjoy this fabulous day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Favorite Organic Baby Wash Right Now!!!!

I am so stoked to let you all know of this company I found and I am excited to introduce them to you! The company is called ONEgroup and I am happy to have tried their baby cream wash. It did not leave a bad smell actually it enhance the baby smell :) I also love that is low foaming well because I hate to have bubbles over flowing and not really seeing what I am washing lol. There are no chemicals or detergents so it is the perfect was for newborns with highly sensitive skin.
Hey moms they also have a great product called the belly and breast balm it's perfect for our ever expanding bodies during such big changes. We are always looking for the best product to rub on the tummy and I found it. I look at it this way why not put healthy products on the outside of our bellys just like what we put on the inside. Visit ONEgroup with Jane and get those good products for the inside of the skin as well as the outside. Also featured are travel packs for the traveler that loves organic ahhh hemm me lol. I will see you over at ONEgroup for a one stop shopping experience of organic!

Organic and Why I am trying to Switch!

Many parents out there are curious of finding organic products! I happen to be one of them. I love know that I am not rubbing crazy chemicals into my skin or my families. The best part about organic is that we are not harming the environment in which we are trying to make a better place for our kids. All of those crunchy green moms I envy. So enough I will make it to where everything I do and use is 110% perfect for this world. I want to set standards and I can't help but smile while trying. My recently went to the baby store to look around at bedding. He is expecting a little princess like my kiwi in October!!!! How exciting. Well back to the story lol he came to me and said, "Marissa you will be so proud of me I found two bedding sets and guess what and me being me said what some crazy pattern?" haha He said, "No all organic bedding" and well lets just say I am shocked. My brother who makes fun of me for all organic is wanting organic.
So I am glad I am finally getting to the point where my family is opening their eyes to organic as well. I know many people are still curious and they wonder why so many parents are excited about organic. Hey I started to google organic and find many products and why they are so much better for you and well lets just say I am shocked what many makeup companies hide and what is hiding in your mattress lol. I opened my eyes to a healthy new living and I hope that you will do some research. I mean I am not telling you, you need to buy it but just get started with one or two things and let me know how it goes for you. I am always excited to learn about many new products so open my eyes to another great organic product out there! Every have a happy green day :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I AM BACK!!!!!

Alright mommies I am back!!!! I recently was in the process of moving and now I am back up and running. Lately life has been pure choas with the move and all. I am excited to be settled down now. My typing fingers have missed blogging to all of my favorite readers. I will be starting more giveaways soon! I PROMISE! I will be posting some fabulous reviews here in the next day so tomorrow look forward to a great review on organic children products!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Their company profile, " Zojirushi Corporation began operation more than 80 years ago with the launch of its first glass-lined vacuum bottle - setting an industry standard for new vacuum insulation technology in an everyday kitchen appliance and firmly establishing itself as a company which uses cutting edge technology to bring comfort, ease, vitality and affluence into the lives of its customers worldwide. Improving customers' quality of life through creation of innovative products remains the heart of Zojirushi's corporate philosophy."

The Mini Bento Stainless Lunch Jar features durable stainless steel construction and vacuum insulation with excellent heat retention to keep hot lunches hot and cold lunches cold. It contains a washable vacuum insulated main bowl, two side bowls, chopsticks, chopsticks holder, and easy-to-carry insulated bag. All bowls are microwaveable and the carrying bag reconfigures to half its size when the bowls are empty.

How to enter:
Enter by March 25th 2009 11:59 CST

Get one entry by heading over to Zojirushi and tell me your favorite recipe.

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Thank you all for participating and I wish you luck :)


I found the best cleaning products that are really safe for my home and the environment. Their products are really powerful yet not harsh. A added bonus is that after using them you will not have that chemical smell lingering around your home. I also love that if you get some on your skin it does not make it raw. The lemon scent in some of their products are intoxicating and trust me you will want to continue to clean more and more! Many of you readers only know of Method products and Seventh Generation but all of my green moms I would love for you to go over to the Ecostore

This is how they describe their products "Our eco friendly, plant-based household cleaning products are as effective as the leading supermarket brands, and our body and baby care ranges are gentle on your skin and are simply beautiful to use. Our pet care products let you spoil your pets with our nourishing, rich blends of ingredients and show them how much you care by reducing their exposure to unhealthy chemicals.

All of our products are made from plant- and mineral-based ingredients, free of toxic chemicals that bring people closer to nature with non-toxic, environmentally safe solutions that also help to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our products also help to ensure value for the dollar for our customers. We know it can be expensive to buy natural or organic products but we’ve found a way to safely super-concentrate our formulations. Our super-concentrates means that a little really does go a long way - saving you money by cutting down significantly on cost per use."

Also for my parents out their Ecostore features products for you and your little ones. I love the variety that Ecostore carries. I like that you can do a one stop shop for all of your favorite green products for you and your house. If you are a green parent please head over to the Ecostore and find out why I love the shop so much!

Take a moment and watch the clip below.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bear Feet Giveaway

A little bit about Bear Feet is that all of their products are proudly made in USA. Bear Feet's manufacturing, design, and marketing facilities are all based in Texas.The soles on Bear Feet are made from the sap of the Hevea tree. The rubber is tapped in a process similar to maple sugaring by doing so it's preserving the life of the tree. Bear Feet also believe in using as many natural or organic products as possible. Bear Feet does not produce chemical wastes, they recycle their rubber scrap, donate their 2nds and scrap leather to charity, and keep a low stock since their products are made to order. Bear Feet just wants to leave the planet like the way they found it but even better :) Gotta love that!

Up for grabs are a pair of Bear Feet brown scalloped edge on pink sandals.
How to enter:
Enter by March 23Rd 2009 11:59 CST

Get one entry by heading over to Bear Feet and tell me your favorite pair of shoes.

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Get four additional entries by making a purchase at Bear Feet

Thank you all for participating and I wish you luck :)

Easiest Way for Your Little Ones to Learn Piano

My Kiwi always loved to smash on the piano and really try to learn. I thought of it hey let her make her own music. I love how once she saw it is was absolutely curious on how to play. Her grandfather told her when you get a little older we will get you lesson so you can play music for me. Well how about you give your child a lesson. Trust me it's very easy by using Piano for Preschoolers.

I am glad that Piano for Preschoolers gives you an easy to follow book. Also they give you a color chart to place above the keys so you child can follow the colored notes easily. The book contains 17 songs to get your little one started. In the kit you get a cd with all the songs included. My suggestion is if you want your little ones to learn piano and have fun while doing it head over to Piano for Preschoolers and get your kit today! I am glad to have tried this product because it was fun and it brought the Kiwi and I closer :)

Piano for Preschoolers

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Do You Want A One Stop Shop for the Entire Family?

I found the best website ever for one stop shopping and I wanted to share with my readers where to go. I found this place for toddler stuff and it has become my new best friend. I am always looking for the latest and greatest products and it has it all. I have been looking for a new car seat for my Kiwi and I love that it gives you a guide to help you make the best decision for your own needs.

The best thing ever is I love to be up on my fashion and I always love a great pair of jeans.This shop is constantly following all the trends that are happening out there. One their page they have a seasonal forecast, following trends, designer fashions, special sizes, find an outfit, create a wardrobe and my all time favorite eco finds. What more could one fashionista need in a site. Seriously!!!!!

No worries Dad they have all information on all the latest and greatest gadgets for you as well. They have electronics,computers,office and automotive. So parents out there please take a peek over at this shop for all of your shopping needs!

Great Place for Organic Clothes

I have searched and searched for a company that offered simplicity in their organic clothes. Its like having that black top that goes with everything. I wanted to find a company that I could take their products and pair it with anything in Kiwi's wardrobe I found one that is simple yet very cute. I love so many of their products, they have cute rompers and tops for two year olds. Wanna know the company I am talking about? I happens to be B Nature.

Want to know how they are green? Well let me tell you. B Nature incorporates 100% organic and color grown cotton grown under Fair Trade conditions. If you do not know what Fair trade is, it is where farmers and producers earn living wages and maintain excellent working conditions. So they make sure everyone is respected and they products are made of true quality. Also they use organic cotton to leave out insecticides and pesticides in your child's clothes. A great bonus they use methods to minimize an impact on our environment. It's always great to see a company trying to leave the environment same if not better from when they found it.

In their shop they make it easy to shop for you friend that is expecting. I have three ladies I work with that are pregnant and trust me this year is a baby boom. I don't know what's in the water but boy oh boy everyone is getting pregnant. In B Nature's shop they have gift sets already prepared for you. Also they package those gift sets in recycled paper. Let's just say they love our planet and they do not want to clutter it up.

So mothers head over to B Nature to snag up that super soft organic items that are an essential in every little ones wardrobe. I highly recommend their products to all of my green moms and mothers leaning towards being green.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Boogie Wipes Giveaway and Review

It's so sad but my Kiwi has the worst cold ever. I swear it seems like every time I turn around she has another cold. Ughhh! My nieces and nephews noses are running like faucets lately as well. YIKES big YIKES. I thought to myself what in the world could help them? The regular Kleenex after awhile just turn their noses red no matter how soft they are. Well I found the best thing for their noses. I bet you are wondering exactly what it is. I found Boogie Wipes. Ahhhh a parents best friend for those pesky boogies.

I was lucky to do a review of Boogie Wipes and lets just say I am super glad to have done one. It not could have come at a more perfect time. I love the Boogie Wipes with minty vapors because I do not have to rub that slime all over my daughter chest. I just wiped her nose with it and she started breathe better. I am glad she wasn't annoyed by it either. The wipes are super soft and easy on the skin. They also offer a variety of scents.

The other Boogie Wipes scents are great if your child is suffering from allergies and you do not want them sniffing menthol. They have a grape scent and fresh scent available in a 30 count pack or they have boxes with 10 individual packages that can easily slide in a purse or wallet. I love the individual ones personally because they are so small I can just put it in my pocket for when we are out shopping.

So do you want to try out Boogie Wipes for your little ones nose? Please enter today for your chance to win one 30 count fresh scent and one 30 count grape scent.

How to enter:
Enter by March 11Th 2009 11:59 CST

Get one entry by heading over to Boogie Wipes and tell me your favorite boogie tip.
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Thank you all for participating and I wish you luck :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

See Kai Run Shoes Review and Giveaway

Recently I had the chance to review a great pair of shoes. I had the chance to share a pair of see kai run shoes with my brother for my niece. My little Lexi loves the shoes. The see kai run shoes are well crafted and have such style. The insoles are made for comfort and the rubber on the bottom are flexible for those little feet. I also love the little saying on the bottom of the see kai run shoes. Its super cute when the little ones walk the saying is placed everywhere.

I am glad I was able to review such great made by see kai run. I will say this the shoes do no justice on the computer. They are very cute, nice and are worth every penny.I love that see kai run has mulitple styles and sizes availabe. They also carry the size smaller for those tiny feet. So if you want to quality and comfort your best bet is to check out see kai run.

So do you want to experience the quality for yourself?I bet lol!
Here is your chance please enter by March 10th 2009 11:59 CST
How to enter:

One entry by heading over to see kai run and tell me your favorite shoes
Two entries by following me or tweeted about this giveaway
Three additional entries by joining the see kai run email list
Four additional entries by making a purchase at see kai run

Thank you all for participating and I wish you luck!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Are you the Ape to Zebra Giveaway Winner? Find Out Now

HEY HEY HEY READERS WE HAVE WINNERS!!!! YES I SAID WINNERS! So I woke up this morning to the best news ever. Cornel of Ape to Zebra had such a hard time picking one winner so he picked two. Yes two. He picked the following:

Coliebear said I teach Kindergarten in a low-income school district and I would love to have some of these items for my classroom..specifically the games. From an educators standpoint these products are great because they utilize and pinpoint a variety of skills necessary for a kindergartner's development like fine motor and balancing skills ( balancing cactus game, cone sorting), number concepts (king of numbers,) (spot the dots),and the majority of the games involve social skills and team work. These characteristics make these games very fun to play and enhancing for skill development and learning in the classroom. I also really like how most of the games are self-correcting because it puts more responsibility on student learning and less adult involvement is required. I would love to win this prize so that I may add some of these valuable games to my classroom learning environment.

Beverley said I would love to have the Quercetti Toys - Discovery Car. My three year old grandson is autistic, but remarkably gifted in mechanical things. His greatest joy is taking things apart, and most often he puts them right back together again. This would be an amazing learning toy for him. It would be great to find toys like this in stores for gifted special children like him.

Please contact me if have not already confirmed to you are the winner!

Thank you everyone for participating in this great giveaway!

Do you want to earn free products from Ape to Zebra? Well then please follow me over to this great link.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Current Giveaways Happening On Other Blogs

Little Partners carries the tower in a rainbow of non-toxic colors, and To Think is to Create excited to have the chance to give away one of these awesome towers (in the color of your choice) to one of their lucky readers! So head over to To Think is to Create by today to win this prize!

Giveaway: Fair Indigo is offering one Growing Your Baby reader the opportunity to win a Joobles Gift Package Containing one Joobles bear and a Hooded Sweater (value $98) Head over to Growing Your Baby to enter by tonight!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little Painted Polka Dots Giveaway

I must introduce you to a great company that loves to put their guests first! I love how personal Little Painted Polka Dots can get for you. In the Little Painted Polka Dots shop they have a large variety of personalized products from jewelry to wall decor to dress up items. This is your one stop shop for that mother in your life, friend having a baby or for your own home. I looked around Little Painted Polka Dots and fell in love with so many things. I like to mention that Little Painted Polka Dots uses bright colors which I love that.

While in the Little Painted Polka Dots shop you can find the cutest little things for the little lady in your life. I adore the tutu dress that Little Painted Polka Dots featured it was beautiful. You may also wonder if they have regular tutus for you little ones, yes they do. I love the variety of colors they carry. They added a chart of colors you can choose from if you decide to create your own custom tutu. I must note that they carry tutus for newborns to little girls. A great bonus Little Painted Polka Dots made hair ties to match the tutus. How cute!

I bet you are wondering what it is you are entering in to win. Let me tell you, you are winning a sterling silver stackable necklace from Little Painted Polka Dots. I love how you can put your family on names on it and put your little ones on the top with a heart because we all know they are the ones that is closest to your heart. Wanna grab some swag from Little Painted Polka Dots use the code KIWI to get an additional 10% OFF your purchase. What a great deal!

Please join me for this giveaway by:
February 27Th 2009 11:59 CST

I will be picking the winner by using I will contact the winner via email. You have 48 hours in which to respond. I am sad to say :( by not responding means you forfeit your prize and a new winner will be picked.

Ways to entry are:

1) Go to Little Painted Polka Dots and come back and tell me your favorite item in the shop
2) Follow me here or on twitter
3) Get two additional entries for blogging about this giveaway
4) Get three additional entries for subscribing to Little Painted Polka Dots by clicking the coupons and sneak peeks located at the bottom of the page
5) Get 5 additional entries for making a purchase on Little Painted Polka Dots just remember to use the code KIWI to get that additional 10% OFF.
So head on over to Little Painted Polka Dots so see the variety of products they carry.

Thank you all for joining me and I wish you luck :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chalkydoodles Giveaway

How many of you parents out there have a teenager at home? I have the perfect product for them to keep you posted on what tasks they need done! I also found a product that allows their creativity to shine. I was excited to review the Chalkypalooza TEENS Teen wall sign. I currently use this product to create environmentally friendly notes to my husband. Instead of constantly wasting paper to leave notes. I used the Chalkypalooza TEENS Teen wall sign to leave him this quick info.

I never thought that a chalkboard could look so pretty. I love that the Chalkypalooza TEENS Teen wall sign is big enough to hold a lot of notes. This product will come in handy for when we have babysitters as well. It is great to have that posted up with all contact information for the babysitter to glance at if needed. I am looking for the right place to put it. It will either be in my kitchen or I might get my sister to do some magic art work on it and hang it in the Kiwi's Room. I am not that artistic so I need her assistance lol. I love that I can get her to make new art each month.

I must let you know that any Chalkydoodles products are not to be used by anyone under the age of 13 years of age. This product is geared towards teens but mothers I wanted to let you know it's also great for you to use. If you have your own business I would find this fun and creative to make a banner to attach to the table. It has the ties on it so it makes it easy to hang on the wall, table and other possibilities. Also if you are the winner of the Chalkypalooza giveaway you must season your banner before use. Included with the giveaway is a card that goes over what you should do before use. Please check out all of the other great products featured in Chalkydoodles shop.

My question is do you want to win a great prize? If you answered yes you will be entered in to win Chalkypalooza for TEENS Small Chalkboard Banner.
So I bet you are wondering how do I win this fabulous prize huh?
Well here is how:

Must enter by February 26TH 2009 11:59 CST. The winner will be picked by using and will be notified via email. You have 48 hours in which to respond if you fail to I will pick another winner.

Methods of entries

1)Head over to Chalkypalooza on Chalkydoodle
and come back and tell me your favorite product in the shop.
2)Follow Me here or on Twitter or Fave on Technorati
3)Get two additional entries by blogging about this giveaway or twittering about it.
4)Get five additional entries by making a purchase on Chalkydoodles

Thank you all for entering and I wish you all luck!