Monday, November 23, 2009

Toy Wrangler

I love this product that I am featuring! The Toy Wrangler has been a life saver while shopping in the store. We as parents love how our kids get feisty and want to throw their cups and bottles to the ground. This lovely little gadget the Toy Wrangler is fun for the little ones to play with solves the problem of phobia over nasty floors. Also parents I have to ask how many times have you tried to squeeze underneath a table to grab a toy or a bottle? Bending all crazy trying to grab stuff from the floor is not fun!

The Toy Wranglerproduct was created because the creator had to keep getting toys from the floor. She used her crafty mind to create this fun product. She realized that she could use the Toy Wrangler for multiple uses. She used it for toys, pacifiers and bottles and I personally know it is great! She wanted product that was safe, easy for the child to get their toys, pacifiers, bottles and cups by themselves. PARENTS EXTRA BONUS**** this product is machine washable. Also as a respectable company they did decided to test their products with one of the leading safety testing labs. As well as having the plastic rings tested as a food grade plastic.

So parents stop worrying about gross floors in restaurants and things hitting them. You will never have to deal with that issue again. Enjoy a relaxing time shopping and eating with out the hassle of bending over all crazy. Grab your Toy Wrangler before you leave the house and be sure to grab the second one for your friend as well.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hey readers so this week has been a very interesting week. I have been busy with life and wow I didn't realize how long it has been since I have been on here. So life is good. The Kiwi monster is turning four in life goes by fast. I never believed many when they would say cherish the moments because they grow up fast. I would laugh and well now I have come to realize man they weren't lying. I wanted to let my readers know that I will be having someone join my blog to write about their parenting experiences with you as well. My best friend Jen will start letting you into her life as well and the crazy moments of parenting. The last few posts were about the Kiwi and potty training. Sorry I didn't inform you guys but yay she is fully potty trained! :) Huge smiles across the board. Thank you for the readers that showed concern to my last post. I love knowing that people care and hope for the best to others. So as I am hitting the scene again what would you readers like to read about? Are you facing issues that you want advice about? Are you in search of a great organic product website? we get back crafty? Keep me posted on what it is you want! Lookiing forward to learn about the latest news in your life.