Thursday, November 13, 2008

Want me to write a review or host a giveaway find out how below

Review Time

So did you get that A+ in school?

I bet you aced this one! What do you think?

Well let's see how you rate on the mommy reader.

Down below YES in that wonderful small print are a set of rules and extra

opportunities to drive sales!

Review Rules

Rules What Rules? Ahhh you thought you could get off that easy nice


I would like a sample. A sample yes I know but by sending me a sample I can test out your products with my family and give my honest opinion. When I get the sample I will write out that fabulous review including pictures of my family using the product. Unfortunely the samples will not be returned. I know I know you'd like it back but due to health reasons I will not be able to send it back.

Please contact me by email for shipping address
Say you wonder how to get that great email address huh?
Well here it is .
Offer that extra incentive!
Offering a discount for my readers will drive more sales while they search your shops. Please let me know the discount code in advance of the review so I can add that in. Thanks!

Every mommy loves free stuff!
Offer a giveaway! Give me an image and description of what you would like to offer or send me to the link of the item and I will grab the information there. The giveaway will be posted here on my site for a week and a few other blogs for a couple of days. Readers will be sent to your shop to look around at that great stuff in your store.Ahh the catch they have to come back to post their favorite product here on my site. I choose a random winner by using I will then send you the winner's name and email address to you so you can get in contact with them.YAY!!!!!! This is a great way to advertise your shop and products plus drive traffic to it as well.

The Little Technical Stuff here
Please allow a little bit of time depending on the nature of the product to ensure a proper review. No worries I will never post a negative review on an item. I enjoy reviews and it allows me to connect more with my family.
Now that you are finally done and you have read all that
small print email away! I can't
wait to start that review or giveaway for you.

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