Wednesday, February 4, 2009

L.A. BabyCakes

I had the chance to review one of the cutest cakes. Well not the typical type of cake lol. I had received a toddler spa cake from L.A. BabyCakes. I love it was professionally packaged and that on the box it stated which way it had to held to ensure the product was delivered properly. Also it was covered in plastic and had ribbon tied on the top. If I was giving this as a gift I would not have to do any work before giving it to the receiver.

I was unsure if it was the soap in the package, but when I opened it oh my goodness I smelled bananas. :) Kiwi was so excited that she barely let me get it open before she tried grabbing everything. The toddler spa cake has two super soft yellow towels with a really cute hippo wash cloth. Also included was a full bottle of bath and body gel. L.A. BabyCakes. also put in a really yummy looking cupcake bath bomb along with cute soap flakes and this soap that looks like the bubble tape candy. The Kiwi thought they were candy and trust me she wanted to try them. Kiwi created her own beautiful picture of flowers when we pulled the toddler spa cake apart. I would highly recommend the toddler spa cake as a gift to that special toddler in your life.

Do you have a baby shower coming up? Trust me I have so many coming up. I swear everyone is pregnant right now. Head on over to L.A. BabyCakes. they have so many styles of diaper cakes that you can quickly buy or you can create a custom cake. So do not stress the next time you have to buy a cute fun and easy gift for the young person or pregnant person on your list. You will be completely satisfied with the high quality product you will receive.

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