Friday, June 5, 2009

Hey Readers

So as many of you have seen I have been on here and there. I honestly apologize to my daily readers. Many life changes happening and many issues I am currently facing. I must thank the man above for granting my wish that my sister did not have tumors on her brain. We as a family have been waiting for answers so now that all is clear and all is well I will begin again. The only news I have now is that I have to learn sign language. So mothers out that have a child with hearing disabilities I could really use advice at this time. I am going to have to relearn some sign language. I used to know basics because my old friend is deaf. All the challenges of the changes begin to surface I will need the greatest and best advice from anyone that is facing such issues currently or had ever faced the issue. I must let everyone know I will be back in action now that I can focus more time into my blog. I will begin posting everyday from here on out. So please look forward to updates on my latest challenge of sign language and being a mother to the world's greatest little lady.