Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bumbo Potty Seat

As many of you know potty training can be quite tricky. Well at least for me it has. I tried so many products and for some odd reason the kiwi wanted nothing to do with the toilet. I bought a toilet seat cover that just sat on the top, it was one of those toilet seats that had no support. I kept thinking of ways to get her to understand it is ok and it is safe to use the potty. The trying was not working until one day.

THANK YOU BUMBO!!!!!! I had the chance to review a Bumbo Potty Seat and my gosh that was the biggest life saver ever. It fully supported her and she felt truly safe. I love how it contours the tushie so she feels comfortable and the material is really soft on the skin. I sat with her and started to read a book and I guess she was not nervous sitting on it because she immediately used the potty. SERIOUSLY I thought this is all I needed? I suppose so.

The next day she woke up no potty in the diaper and she sat on the Bumbo Potty Seat and again immediately went potty. WOOOHOOO I praised her so much! My challenge wasn't getting her to understand she had to go but it was her giving me a challenge to figure out why she did not like the typical potty seat. I guess she know quality when she sits down lol. I am glad my daughter used this product because she is picking up faster with the potty training than I had expected.

A bit of advice for all of the parents out there PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not freak out when your child wants nothing to do with the potty try the Bumbo Potty Seat and I bet they will love potty time just as much as the Kiwi. I will keep everyone posted on the success and the trying days of potty training.

So calling all parents ADVICE is super great right now getting through this tough stage! I hope you all give the Bumbo Potty Seat a whirl and I am looking forward to all the comments!!!!!


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Emily B. said...

Thanks for the review :) Can you tell me if the seat works on the elongated toilet seats (newer style toilets) or only on the round toilets? thanks!

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