Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey moms today is our day so be proud of that title because we had to go through a lot to get it. So today take a moment and enjoy this fabulous day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Favorite Organic Baby Wash Right Now!!!!

I am so stoked to let you all know of this company I found and I am excited to introduce them to you! The company is called ONEgroup and I am happy to have tried their baby cream wash. It did not leave a bad smell actually it enhance the baby smell :) I also love that is low foaming well because I hate to have bubbles over flowing and not really seeing what I am washing lol. There are no chemicals or detergents so it is the perfect was for newborns with highly sensitive skin.
Hey moms they also have a great product called the belly and breast balm it's perfect for our ever expanding bodies during such big changes. We are always looking for the best product to rub on the tummy and I found it. I look at it this way why not put healthy products on the outside of our bellys just like what we put on the inside. Visit ONEgroup with Jane and get those good products for the inside of the skin as well as the outside. Also featured are travel packs for the traveler that loves organic ahhh hemm me lol. I will see you over at ONEgroup for a one stop shopping experience of organic!

Organic and Why I am trying to Switch!

Many parents out there are curious of finding organic products! I happen to be one of them. I love know that I am not rubbing crazy chemicals into my skin or my families. The best part about organic is that we are not harming the environment in which we are trying to make a better place for our kids. All of those crunchy green moms I envy. So enough I will make it to where everything I do and use is 110% perfect for this world. I want to set standards and I can't help but smile while trying. My recently went to the baby store to look around at bedding. He is expecting a little princess like my kiwi in October!!!! How exciting. Well back to the story lol he came to me and said, "Marissa you will be so proud of me I found two bedding sets and guess what and me being me said what some crazy pattern?" haha He said, "No all organic bedding" and well lets just say I am shocked. My brother who makes fun of me for all organic is wanting organic.
So I am glad I am finally getting to the point where my family is opening their eyes to organic as well. I know many people are still curious and they wonder why so many parents are excited about organic. Hey I started to google organic and find many products and why they are so much better for you and well lets just say I am shocked what many makeup companies hide and what is hiding in your mattress lol. I opened my eyes to a healthy new living and I hope that you will do some research. I mean I am not telling you, you need to buy it but just get started with one or two things and let me know how it goes for you. I am always excited to learn about many new products so open my eyes to another great organic product out there! Every have a happy green day :)