Thursday, February 12, 2009

BestBuys.Com Helped Me Find My DVD Rental Service

So I have been debating which company to use as a DVD rental provider. The toss up was between Blockbuster and Netflix. Well let's just say I am excited to have found BestBuys.Com comparisons. Its great that Netflix is right now giving a free trial so you can find out all the great benefits it has to offer vs Blockbuster who is only offering 50% off the first month. I found out that Netflix carries 5,000 more movies than Blockbuster. Wow! Who would have known that one? I sure didn't. I guess I just assumed that store that featured all the latest movies would have a larger variety. Guess not lol. Also another great bonus about Netflix is that you can view the movies right away. So you are wondering what is great about Blockbuster because you see me raving about Netflix well let me tell you. Well Blockbuster is perfect for the gamer in your life. They feature games and unfortunely Netflix does not. Also you can return your movies in-store with Blockbuster when Nextflix you can't.

So my results from reading BestBuys.Com I made my choice. Wonder what is and why. I picked Blockbuster and the reason my husband and I are gamers well not all the time but every now and then we like to try new games :) So I hope that this helped you pick which DVD rental service you will choose.

Wanna get the facts yourself and take the challenge head over to BestBuys.Com's Product Comparison or you just wanna shop for electronics head over to BestBuys.Com

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