Thursday, March 12, 2009

Great Place for Organic Clothes

I have searched and searched for a company that offered simplicity in their organic clothes. Its like having that black top that goes with everything. I wanted to find a company that I could take their products and pair it with anything in Kiwi's wardrobe I found one that is simple yet very cute. I love so many of their products, they have cute rompers and tops for two year olds. Wanna know the company I am talking about? I happens to be B Nature.

Want to know how they are green? Well let me tell you. B Nature incorporates 100% organic and color grown cotton grown under Fair Trade conditions. If you do not know what Fair trade is, it is where farmers and producers earn living wages and maintain excellent working conditions. So they make sure everyone is respected and they products are made of true quality. Also they use organic cotton to leave out insecticides and pesticides in your child's clothes. A great bonus they use methods to minimize an impact on our environment. It's always great to see a company trying to leave the environment same if not better from when they found it.

In their shop they make it easy to shop for you friend that is expecting. I have three ladies I work with that are pregnant and trust me this year is a baby boom. I don't know what's in the water but boy oh boy everyone is getting pregnant. In B Nature's shop they have gift sets already prepared for you. Also they package those gift sets in recycled paper. Let's just say they love our planet and they do not want to clutter it up.

So mothers head over to B Nature to snag up that super soft organic items that are an essential in every little ones wardrobe. I highly recommend their products to all of my green moms and mothers leaning towards being green.

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