Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Favorite Organic Baby Wash Right Now!!!!

I am so stoked to let you all know of this company I found and I am excited to introduce them to you! The company is called ONEgroup and I am happy to have tried their baby cream wash. It did not leave a bad smell actually it enhance the baby smell :) I also love that is low foaming well because I hate to have bubbles over flowing and not really seeing what I am washing lol. There are no chemicals or detergents so it is the perfect was for newborns with highly sensitive skin.
Hey moms they also have a great product called the belly and breast balm it's perfect for our ever expanding bodies during such big changes. We are always looking for the best product to rub on the tummy and I found it. I look at it this way why not put healthy products on the outside of our bellys just like what we put on the inside. Visit ONEgroup with Jane and get those good products for the inside of the skin as well as the outside. Also featured are travel packs for the traveler that loves organic ahhh hemm me lol. I will see you over at ONEgroup for a one stop shopping experience of organic!

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