Saturday, May 9, 2009

Organic and Why I am trying to Switch!

Many parents out there are curious of finding organic products! I happen to be one of them. I love know that I am not rubbing crazy chemicals into my skin or my families. The best part about organic is that we are not harming the environment in which we are trying to make a better place for our kids. All of those crunchy green moms I envy. So enough I will make it to where everything I do and use is 110% perfect for this world. I want to set standards and I can't help but smile while trying. My recently went to the baby store to look around at bedding. He is expecting a little princess like my kiwi in October!!!! How exciting. Well back to the story lol he came to me and said, "Marissa you will be so proud of me I found two bedding sets and guess what and me being me said what some crazy pattern?" haha He said, "No all organic bedding" and well lets just say I am shocked. My brother who makes fun of me for all organic is wanting organic.
So I am glad I am finally getting to the point where my family is opening their eyes to organic as well. I know many people are still curious and they wonder why so many parents are excited about organic. Hey I started to google organic and find many products and why they are so much better for you and well lets just say I am shocked what many makeup companies hide and what is hiding in your mattress lol. I opened my eyes to a healthy new living and I hope that you will do some research. I mean I am not telling you, you need to buy it but just get started with one or two things and let me know how it goes for you. I am always excited to learn about many new products so open my eyes to another great organic product out there! Every have a happy green day :)

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