Saturday, November 22, 2008

With Christmas on the way I want to find out the best and worst gifts

So Christmas is nearing and I have gotten some rotten gifts and some really sweet gifts. My most rotten gift of all was the gift I gave someone the year before. YIKES, come on please try and remember what I got you. That is just something you should do. I mean if you know that you are going to be re gifting you should just leave the tag on the gift so you don't have that blunder. I still can't help but laugh and I still will not confess that I knew it was the I gave them the year before.

My favorite Christmas gift was my Mr. Potato Head huge gift set from my mother in-law. Yes I know I am a kid at heart but, it is something I collect. I know call me a dork but, I love them why I just don't know. The next year at Christmas the family played white elephant and my sister-in-law included a Mr. Potato Head lets just say it got a little ugly. Just kidding! My husband and I were in competition with others just to get me that. Ever since my husband finds time to mention a new potato head that he has seen just to see if that is what I want this year. SO CUTE I LOVE HIM FOR THAT! :)

I will say my best Christmas gift of all is just spending it with the ones I love and sharing that special moment. Those are the times I cherish and add to one of my chapters in life. I just love spending that time with my daughter and husband. Watching my daughter's eyes light up when she sees that special gift. So now I must ask what is your worst and best Christmas gift you have gotten in the past or ones that you already had to sneak a peak on?

If you need help this year on getting that best gift and not be the rotten gift mentioned in my blog you need to head over to its the guru of gift giving. It will help you out with that difficult hard to find gift for that special person!

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