Saturday, November 15, 2008

So who says you can't have fun as you get older

As I watch the video of me spinning around this bar, well it takes me back to when I first figured out how to do it. I was in the fifth grade and it took me half the year just to learn it. It's one of those things you learn and you never forget how to do it no matter how old you get. Time has past, twelve years to be exact and boy I still got it! lol I like that even though I get old I still act young at heart. Many would say they feel that way but honestly how many truly and honestly feel that way? I can say not at all times I feel like that but I love those moments that take you back to being a kid. Its like that favorite treat you have that hits that memory trigger and bang its like being a child again. I know that I will have many more moments that will make realize I am a kid at heart and I am happy I have this to prove it.

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