Thursday, November 13, 2008

Morelle is her small, one person company that she started in Amsterdam. Her purpose is to make handbags that are functional but also stylish.

All the designs are made by her, Katie. She will create whatever comes to her mind... she will usually get an idea and quickly draw it down! She also gets her inspiration from the city she lives in and from everyday situations around her. Katie loves color and also likes the idea of a bright, pretty bag standing out in the middle of a busy city.

Her designs are mostly medium to large-sized bags, simple scarves and pouches. Also Katie loves using various textiles to make beautiful bags with simple lines, ruffles and beautiful linings. Also she will produce all of her bags by herself in her home studio with a lot of care and love. She wants your morelle experience to be as pleasurable as possible.

The one bag that really caught my eye was the lilac truffle. The layers on the bag adds dimension. Also for someone my height the simple flat bag is not as flattering as this bag.I like that I can use it as a purse and when taking my daughter out it is big enough to fit her diapers in it. I love the detail and craftmanship that Katie prides herself on. If you want a quality bag that wasn't mass produced and that is truly a piece of art you need to head to her shop Morelle

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