Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So my review of the Toilebudz cloth diaper took quite a bit of time because like many parents out there I was kinda skeptical over cloth diapers. So I took time with this one because I wanted to use it quite often and then continue to wash it mulitple times before I wrote this so I could honestly give my opinion if it could with stand the test of time.

Honestly I was very skeptical if it could hold a lot of urine. Well I truly was!!! I thought to myself hmmm do they really hold all that urine or is it a bust. I then also thought that after you wash them a few times maybe they would lose the soft feeling or the print begin to fade. Another thing I was concerned about was the velcro pulling away from the material.

I tested out a cloth diaper made by Toilebudz let's just say it made me want to switch over to cloth. I love that it truly lasted through it all. The best part was that my daughter really liked it because it made her feel like a big girl. I love that during this trying time of potty training it will help out if she has an accident during this time. She thinks they are for big girls and it's perfect for me if she has an accident. I love all the patterns that Toilebudz has in their shop.

So you are curious about the fabric and sizing well here is the info for you! :)

Hows its crafted:

Cloth diapers made by Toilebudz come in newborn, small, medium or large sizes. All diapers are made of 100% cotton on outside and flannel inside, that touches your baby skin. Also 4 layers of ultra absorbent microfiber for those big milk drinkers. LOL Included is a hidden water proof layer of breathable PUL (This is polyurethane laminate coated fabric) which is not only waterproof, it is plyable, and very soft and thin, so it doesn't add any bulkyness to the diapers. There is a long piece of velcro across the entire tummy for adjusting. I love the elastic in the legs and back for snugle fit. <- It keeps it in place and keeps those messes in the diapers. On them are laundry tabs for washing. They also added on they page that there is no need to change for going into a pool or at a water park!


NEWBORNtab to tab 16"rise 15"weight 5 to 15 lbs

SMALLtab to tab 17"rise 17"weight 15 to 25 lbs

MEDIUMtab to tab 19"rise 18"weight 20 to 30lbs

LARGEtab to tab 21"rise 20"weight 30 to 40lbs

They have a lot of prints and great quality products at great prices! So please head over to Toilebudz and look around their shop.


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Mistress Meeyee said...

You should ask the company to let you do a giveaway and then you could give them to me!! he he!