Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Cutest and Softest Growth Cart

So I have a question for all my readers, in your home did you have the pen and permanent marker slashes on one wall in the house as your growth cart? I walk into my father in-laws house and on his wall was a growth cart that doesn't seem to really fit my little brother-in-law at all. I feel we all can relate when I say finding that pretty and not super pricey growth cart seems impossible to you huh? Well I have found a solution for my readers out there.Please head over to Bekah Mae

I went to my mailbox only to see a lovely present for my daugther's big girl room. I was really excited to open the box. When I got to opening it, I found a really cute growth cart. It was a beautiful pink plaid print with butterflies on it. I was immediately in love with it. When you think of growth carts you think of those really tacky paper or badly printed cloth. I was really happy to find a big girl style growth cart. Many that I would see would just be a baby print but, I was really looking for something to match my daughters decor.

I love that she can grow with it and not get tired of the print. I also love that it was made with really soft flannel so for now if my mini me decides to get too excited and grab at it, it will not hurt her. It is crafted very durable and I love the cute little ribbon at the top to hold it on the wall. I really like that when I had gotten this item from
Bekah Mae she included a piece of ribbon to see if my marker would react to the ribbon well. I LOVED THAT.

If you want a great product for your dollar I would really head on over to the Bekah Mae Shop.

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