Thursday, January 26, 2012


So I finally decided to take a look on blogger and it has been quite sometime since I have posted on here. Life is a whirl wind of craziness...boy oh boy! My Kiwi turns six this year man time flies. I was looking back into my older posts and I saw pictures of her when she was little. I miss those times the baby stage when all she wanted was me and now I am lucky if I can help her put her coat on lol. She is becoming herself and I love learning new things about her daily. Not a day goes by that I believe that she is developing into nothing shy of greatness.
Parents we all want the best advice and well every parent has something that worked differently for each other. I want to hear the stories in which you did when your child got older to see how they are changing through the years. Every month I take Kiwi to see Mr. Dean at a paint it pottery place so I watch her art evolve into masterpieces :) I'd like to find new ways of watching her development through out the years. Suggestions please!

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