Monday, January 19, 2009

Kitchen Witch Review and Giveaway

I recently received some really great treats from Kitchen Witch. I love so many of her products. It is practical for the everyday mother. You want to give you children treats and bake for them but now a days it's hard finding time in that busy schedule. I love that Casey the creator of Kitchen Witch has made it easy for us parents to create great treats that makes it seem like we have been baking for hours.

Right now with Valentine's Day nearing Kitchen Witch have created heart shaped brownies. I had a chance to sample them, they are really rich and really soft. She also tried the marshmallows and boy they were fabulous. My favorite treat of them all were the chocolate chip cookies. The texture and flavor of the cookies are undescribeable. I never had a cookie taste like that and I am being 100% honest. They were my absolute favorite cookie I have had so far.Sorry mom her cookies beat yours hands down.

The reason Kitchen Witch products are so good for you is because there are no hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and items that are artifical put into her products. So if you want to give into the sweet tooth and give it something better than the box cookies head over to Kitchen Witch which takes less time and tastes better!

*******ADDED BONUS********

The Kitchen Witch is giving one of Little Kiwi's
readers a chance to win a dozen of the world's most fabulous cookies.

Wanna know how to win? Here is how:
Enter by January 26th 2009 by Midnight

1) Get one entry for going over to Kitchen Witch and going back to >Little Kiwi Giveaway and say what you love in the shop and why.

2) Get an additional two entries for subscribing to the Little Kiwi Blog

3) Get five additional entries for purchasing something in Kitchen Witch shop!

For the additional entries please make additional comments to >Little Kiwi Giveaway so your entries will not be missed!

I wish you all good luck :)

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